About us

We are Crocodile. We are a band from Austin TX. Our music is not easily categorized. Imagine mixing Gentle Giant with Steely Dan. Rush with ELO. Yes with The Smiths? Weird huh? But, it's working for us.


We have released two full length albums,

His Name Is Stan And He's A Bad Motherfucker - 2018

Howling Mad Black Music Under Hot Stars - 2019

 And our third album - The Tale Of Otter, Thorn Eater, And The Colored Coyotes Of Hidden City is coming out on October 12 2023. A western. A new and creative fusion of adventurous progressive rock and classic country music by Crocodile. A story of Otter, a white man who loses his young  and beautiful wife Annalee one spring morning when their property is raided by a clan of Comanche Indians. He is broken and resolves to drink himself to death. And Thorn Eater, an American Indian, who loses his son Crawfish to smallpox. He is broken and resolves to find the place which his ancestors told of where one might reconnect with the spirit of their lost ones. A place called The Hidden City. On his journey Thorn Eater comes across the Last Stop Saloon. A rough place in the middle of nowhere. Inside he has a run in with a drunken white slumped at the end of the bar (Otter) and after a few hateful words and a brawl, Thorn Eater, realizing they are the same in their pain and loss, tells Otter about The Hidden City and invites him to come. They leave the Last Stop and Thorn Eater shares his tea with Otter. Peyote tea. They enter The Hidden City and the real story begins.



Crocodile is

Kevin Sims - guitars, vocals

Greg Seale - drums

Ted Thomas - bass, vocals

Philip Spann- keyboards